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Customs clearance

Customs clearance at 4 customs in the North-West region. A full range of customer support services. Assistance in customs clearance and inspection of goods. Extensive experience in the customs clearance of medical goods with VAT benefits. We also make customs clearance of any goods, including those subject to phyto or quarantine control.

International transportation

We carry out international transportation on a door-to-door basis. A full range of logistics services for all modes of transport. Cargo delivery from 1 kg to 100,000 tons. Every weуk, on Fridays, the groupage is dispatched from a consolidated warehouse in Lithuania to St. Petersburg.

Consolidation warehouse

We provide the opportunity to use our consolidation warehouse, which is located in the European Union, in Lithuania. Your sender can send goods in Europe to a warehouse in Lithuania and not think about anything else. We will arrange all export formalities for dispatch of cargo on our own.


Our experts have been working in the field of customs clearance for more than 10 years.

Quick customs clearance

We carry out customs clearance as soon as possible to minimize downtime and other additional costs

Help is needed?

We advise all participants in foreign economic activity, taking into account many years of experience in this field.

Temporary storage warehouse

You do not need to conclude additional agreements with temporary storage warehouse. We have agreements with almost all temporary storage warehouses in the region of St. Petersburg and Vyborg customs.

Why us?

When choosing a broker for the customs clearance of your cargo, you need to understand that you need to trust him. Only with full understanding of the customs clearance specialist and the client, we can achieve success in work. The staff of our company consists of highly qualified specialists who have been working in this field for more than 10 years. We also adopt advanced software technologies and technical solutions for the quick and high-quality creation of customs declarations.

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