Happy new year 2020!!

Dear Sir or Madam, We congratulate you on the coming new year 2020. The past 2019 was held under the auspices of a complete transition to electronic customs and the abolition of customs clearance places with the transfer of customs clearance to the Electronic Declaration Centers. Our team of professionals completely coped with this challenge and continued to carry out uninterrupted clearance of all goods at the EDC. Most of our customers did not even notice this transition. We hope for the same coordinated work in the new year. Customs clearance at the EDC is carried out in the normal mode, the release dates are not violated. Also, in 2019, the customs authority transferred all participants of foreign economic activity to the Unified Personal Account (ELS), which allows you to use the funds paid to the customs account when registering in any region of the FCS, at any customs. You no longer need to think about which customs house to transfer the money to and how much balance there is. The ELS system allows you to pay all the money in one place and write them off in the payment of customs duties when you make the declaration of goods in any customs authority. You can download an example of filling out a payment order for customs payments on the ELS here.

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